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5 out of 5

Honest group, outstanding work, reasonably priced. Highly trained, and knowledgeable.


5 out of 5

They have been in business along time because they have excellent customer service. Would not call anyone else.


5 out of 5

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Al many years. He is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Thank you for helping us with our mold issue.


5 out of 5

Al and his entire team did amazing work. They made a really difficult situation a little easier. They were at the house within an hour of my initial call and explained everything every step of the way!


5 out of 5

Al and his team are the best! Quick response and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company!


5 out of 5

When you wake up to standing water in your home, all sorts of things start going through your mind - will I have to replace all the flooring? Did the water get in the walls? How much is this going to cost?! I personally know people who have used DisasterCare with great satisfaction, so my first call was to Al (the owner). He gave me just enough information on the phone so as not to overwhelm me but to also give me some peace of mind. He came out a little while later and, to make a long story short, resolved the issue. He is incredibly knowledgeable and competent and provides exceptional service. The biggest benefit to using DisasterCare is the peace of mind. If you ever have a situation like mine, which has the potential to cause you stress and anxiety, I highly recommend calling DisasterCare. The peace of mind is so worth it. A very positive experience!


5 out of 5

Although I did not use Al's service personally I did meet Al. I was on vacation with my family in Myrtle beach and Al was there too. He immediately began talking to my son and using goofy voices to make us laugh. He was so friendly to us strangers! He then paid our dinner bill for us...for absolutely no reason other than pure kindness. Someone like that I can truly believe in my heart would have a good honest caring business. Character goes a long way in how you run your business and treat customers!


5 out of 5

Al came to our home and provided a mold inspection and examined some mild water-damaged areas. His professionalism was excellent. He took his time in answering all of our questions in great detail. Even better, we feel confident in the plan he recommended to address the issues of our concern. Thank you, Al!


5 out of 5

Al was super responsive and professional. He gave us common sense solutions for our office space and has a wealth of knowledge. Will definitely use Disaster Care again!


5 out of 5

Al is the best around and the entire business has wonderful customer service. I trust Al and the entire team so much, DiaasterCare is the only company I’ll call in these situations. We’ve had two situations and I’m so thankful we stumbled upon Al the first time. Because when the second situation arose, I knew just who to call. Al will always have my recommendation to anyone facing a disaster cleanup! Thanks Al!


5 out of 5

Our house got flooded and water came through the ceiling of the home and into our hardwood floor downstairs and in through the ceiling of the two car... Read a full review


5 out of 5

We woke up early on a Sunday morning to a broken upstairs pipe flooding both upstairs and downstairs. I called Disaster Care and they had a crew here... Read a full review


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