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Commercial Restoration

A commercial restoration expert is usually the first person on the scene after a natural disaster, so make sure it’s someone you can trust. DisasterCare knows it all because we’ve seen it all. From water and fire damage to specialized cleanups like infrared inspection, forensic cleanup, and emergency response, DisasterCare is the team to call.

If you need immediate commercial restoration call us first! Our commercial restoration team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether your business is damaged by water, fire, or extreme weather, DisasterCare knows that you don’t want to lose any time in getting back to normal. We understand that in these situations, lost time leads to lost revenue and permanent damage to your building, so we guarantee a quick response time, no matter where you are.

At DisasterCare, we guarantee priority emergency response services. Our team provides a wide range of services from emergency procedures and planning to mitigation and remediation with large-loss capabilities. Our insurance claims specialists at DisasterCare work with major insurance companies and self-insured businesses.

We do everything within our power to help minimize your down time. We have three teams to help with water your commercial restoration needs: catastrophe team, water damage team and fire damage team. So no matter what disaster you are facing, call the team who cares at DisasterCare now at (843) 804-9272.

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